PET film and sheeting

Made with technological mastery and a lot of passion.
We provide flexible expertise in the development and production of resource-efficient PET film and sheeting.

Our product lines for rPET packaging

Making film and sheeting for food packaging from recycled PET (rPET) is what really makes us tick. In addition, we put a great deal of passion and dedication into producing film and sheeting for technical and medical packaging. And we love a challenge, which is why we are happy to offer customized solutions for your highly specialized applications.

Certified film and sheeting specialist

As a packaging industry professional, you know exactly what makes good packaging solution – and, most important, one that is safe, secure, and reliable. And so do we!

As a producer of PET film and sheeting, this makes us your ideal partner. Our film and sheeting are sourced from virgin material, postindustrial recycling (PIR), and postconsumer recycling (PCR). With versions ranging from 100% virgin to 100% rPET, we can offer you a wide range of material compositions tailored to your needs.

Plus, our super-clean process exceeds the highest food standards of the EFSA and FDA. This allows us to guarantee that film and sheeting products made from 100% rPET flakes are suitable for direct food contact.

We specialize in all common PET types, such as A-PET, G-PET and GAG, and can produce products with thicknesses varying from 200μm film to 2,000 μm sheeting. Our machines are designed for roll-width from 300mm to 1800mm.

With optional additives like coloring, antiblock, antistatic, or antifog, we can cater to the wishes of individual customers.


Material focus: PET

PET can be recycled practically an infinite number of times. That makes it a unique material, enabling used food packaging items to be transformed back into new food packaging. This is what we demand from true recycling.

What we do

Applying our technological mastery and a lot of passion, we provide flexible expertise in the development and production of resource-conserving PET film and sheeting.


At PETman, we live and breathe sustainability. We help packaging to enjoy an unlimited lifespan. Our customers and our environment benefit equally from our innovative rPET solutions.

Future focused

At PETman, we are always thinking one step ahead and have the destination in view right from the outset. This is why we take part in pioneering projects and boldly break new ground.


At PETman, quality is part of our DNA. Strict quality controls and state-of-the-art technologies ensure that we meet the high quality standards expected by our customers.


We are certified and awarded

The top priority in our quality assurance policy is to meet the food industry’s exacting quality and hygiene requirements.

You can request a copy of our BRCGS certificate at any time.
Our process, reviewed by the EFSA (RECYC 059) and FDA (PNC 1668), allows the use of up to 100% PCR PET for all applications.

Our joint project “sustainable school milk cups” was awarded with the prizes awarded with Green Packaging Star 2021, TRIGOS 2021, the WorldStar Award 2022, the WorldStar Sustainability Gold Award 2022 and the Mission Innovation Austria Award 2022. More details:


About us

PETman is your go-to partner for food-safe and environmentally friendly PET film and sheeting! We have been supplying customers from our location in Frankenburg, Upper Austria, since 2018.

PETman was founded in 2018 but can draw on a wealth of specialist knowledge from more than 20 years of experience in PET processing. Putting technological mastery and a wellspring of passion to work, we develop resource-efficient PET film and sheeting..
And we are proud of the enormous growth we have experienced since we first set up shop. We now deliver 12,000 metric tons of PET from Austria to customers in Europe each year.
With the increasing demand, especially for packaging made from recycled material, it is not just our team that has grown steadily. We are also continually investing in our technical equipment while expanding and optimizing our systems so that we can fulfill customer requests on time with quality results.


Who we are

We are laid-back but responsible. We are creative but focused on our customers. We are unconventional but professional. We are different. We are PETman. Find out a little more about us …

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